Annual Meeting 2020



September 29th, 2020, starting at 9:00 a.m.



Virtual Web conference


Invited Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Franz Hagn, Technical University Munich

Dr. Anne Schütz, Technical University Munich



Opening remarks
Prof. Dr. Franz Hagn, Munich:
"Biochemical tools to investigate structure and function of membrane proteins by NMR"
Dr. Anne Schütz, Munich:
"Nucleotides in motion: a glimpse into the active site of AAA proteins"
Short presentation of the network groups
Dr. Nils Lakomek, Düsseldorf:
"New NMR approaches for the study of neuronal SNARE proteins"
Anna König, Jülich:
"Structural details of amyloid β oligomers in complex with human prion protein as revealed by solid-state MAS NMR spectroscopy"
Dr. Himanshu Singh, Dortmund:
"NMR insights into the conformational dynamics of human carbonic anhydrase II"
Dr. Christine Beuck, Essen:
"Fun with Non-Standard Residues - Ligand Parametrization for CYANA"
Nina Becker, Jülich:
"A pH shift induces only local structural changes for one Aβ(1-42) fibril polymorph"
Luis Gardon, Düsseldorf:
"Structural analysis of Pyroglutamate-Modified Amyloid-beta(3-42) fibrils by solid-state NMR"
Dr. Abhishek Cukkemane, Jülich:
"DISC(1)erning the structural & functional attributes of Disrupted-in- Schizophrenia (isoform 1) protein in chronic mental illnesses"
Concluding remarks