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Annual Meeting 2022



July 19th, 2022, starting at 10:00 a.m.



TU Dortmund University, Seminarraumgebäude (SRG)

Talks: Room 1.001

Poster exhibition: Room 2.008

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Key note Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger, MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences Göttingen, NMR-based Structural Biology


Prof. Dr. Clemens Glaubitz, Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute of Biophysical Chemistry



Prof. Dr. Rasmus Linser, Dortmund:
"Opening and Welcome statements"
Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger, Göttingen:
"Structure and Dynamics of biologically interesting molecules by NMR"
Dr. Christine Beuck, Essen:
"NMR to study Supramolecular Chemistry on Protein Surfaces"
Dr. Philipp Neudecker, Düsseldorf/Jülich:
"Solution Structure of the Putative Lipoprotein from C. difficile"
Dr. Mohanraj Gopalswamy, Düsseldorf/Jülich:
"Development of AML-ETO inhibitors as an Anti-cancer Agent"
Dr. Patrick Wikus, Bruker, BioSpin AG:
"Superconducting NMR Magnet Technology"
Lunch break
Visit of NMR and helium recovery facilities
Prof. Dr. Clemens Glaubitz, Frankfurt:
"Membrane Proteins, NMR, Light and Microwaves"
Luis Gardon, Düsseldorf/Jülich:
"Structural Influence of Pyroglutamylation at Position 3 in an Amyloid β (3-42) Fibril Polymorph probed by solid-state NMR"
Tobias Stief, Düsseldorf/Jülich:
"Structural dynamics of the intrinsically disordered SNARE protein SNAP25 in its pre-fusion conformation"
Coffee break and Poster session
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiegand, Aachen:
"Molecular recognition events in phase separation studied by solid-state NMR"
Benedikt Söldner, Dortmund:
"Accurate solid-state NMR distance information from magnetization buildup analysis"
Dr. Himanshu Singh, Dortmund:
"The conformational landscape of an engineered Methyl-CpG-Binding Domain (MBD) of MeCP2 for the recognition of asymmetrically modified DNA"
Network board meeting
BBQ and Poster session