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Annual Meeting 2014



September 19th, 2014, starting at 1 p.m.



University of Duisburg-Essen/Campus Essen, Building S03, 1st floor, Hall V01, Room E69


Invited Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Paul Rösch, Department of Biopolymers, Bayreuth University


Opening remarks
Prof. Dr. Paul Rösch, Bayreuth:
"How Nus-factors regulate transcription and translation"
Dr. Christine Beuck, Essen:
"Characterization of RNA-binding proteins by NMR"
Dr. Franziska Trusch, Aberdeen, UK:
"Structural characterization of the N-terminus of UBXDI and its regulation of the ATPase-activity of p97"
Franziska Weirich, Jülich:
"Solid state NMR on recombinant fibrillar human islet amyloid polypeptide for site specific assignments"
Coffee break, poster session
Dr. Ute Marx, Bruker Biospin GmbH:
"Latest developments at Bruker BioSpin, with focus on high resolution NMR"
Dr. Aldino Viegas, Düsseldorf:
"Time-optimized NMR spectroscopy using interleaved acquisition"
Vineet Panwalkar, Jülich:
"A combined structure and dynamics study of a WW domain (from human Nedd4-1)"
Christina Möller, Jülich:
"Conformational dynamics of the autophagy-related protein GABARAP on multiple time scales"
Business meeting of group leaders
Get-together in nearby restaurant